Sometimes it's more than your gray hair that grows....

Silver Seeker

By Maree Chavez - May 6, 2021

Let me start by saying “Going Gray” is not for everyone. Everyone sees it differently and some are just not ready. If you are entertaining the idea, or have at least considered it once or twice, this column is for you.

I discovered my first white hair in high-school. I knew then that I most certainly inherited my dad's family gene, as he and all of his siblings were silver foxes. My coloring journey began as a novelty, playing around with all kinds of fun colors. By the time I was in my 30s, it became a habit. In my 40s, it became a necessity, and by the time I turned 50, it was my obsession. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered not coloring my hair.

…then I started catching myself being drawn to women of all ages who simply owned their gray hair. I would stop them on the street, ask them about their story and end up having the most authentic conversation. It seemed as though every woman had a different why, and every woman I met had no regrets. So, I thought, why not me?

As I write this, it’s been over three years since I put down the color bottle. I’ve had many, many ups and downs. Not only have I experienced change physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I’ve been tested in ways I never dreamed possible. This has been the biggest physical change I have ever experienced, and I still catch myself doing a double take when I look in the mirror.

I began this silver journey thinking about what it might say to the world. Will people think I have given up? Will they wonder how I could have let myself go? Would it look like I no longer cared? I struggled, and still do sometimes, with these thoughts. However, having gone through this transition, I have grown in the most unexpected ways. I practice seeing the bigger picture, seeing this experience as being part of creating a new view of gray hair.

My hope is that our future generations embrace their silver fox genes, just like my Dad, Aunts, and Uncles all did so many years ago. I’m already seeing my 10-year-old daughter’s drawings include characters with gray hair! We’re well on our way!

Maree Chavez is the owner of Hair People on 6th Avenue & Columbine. To learn more about going gray or to schedule a consultation, email or visit Follow on Instagram @silverseeking.

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