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Our entire salon has been trained in Deva/curl cutting and styling and is one of the original curly salons in Denver.
One of our most common questions in the salon is what is the difference between a curly cut and a regular cut.

For starters a curly cut is cut dry. We ask our you to come in with clean, dried and  naturally styled hair. This way we are able to see the shape of the existing haircut. The cut is done without a comb using no tension.

After the dry cut we move on to cleanse and condition. This is an equally important step in the process, as curls love hydration. We will choose the appropriate cleanser, conditioner and styling product specifically for your hair.
Sometimes you'll need a good detox or reset to bring your curls back to make sure you share all of your concerns during your consultation so we can address them at the shampoo bowl.

We look forward to some good CURL TALK with you soon.





This beauty was ready to embrace her curls!

This gorgeous girl had no idea that she had curl. With some soft layering and the proper products and styling techniques she walked away forever changed.





The new length and shape gave this lovely client  the ‘lift’ she was looking for. 

This before and after showcases balance. 

Personalizing the shape and length is key.