Inspiration along the way

meeting silver sisters along the way

By Maree Chavez - June 1, 2018

I recently attended an advanced curly cutting class in NYC.
It was the first day of class and SHE walked in....a confident, funky, South African hair artist whose presence TOOK MY BREATH AWAY.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her. To me, she was 'ageless'...What I 'saw' was just a being who let go and let it shine! I had several conversations with her, but the thing that I found most unexpected was she decided to go silver AFTER having gone through a divorce. In my experience it's been just the opposite. I just thought that was a cool move on her part. Her beauty and radiance  started within and showed up in the way she 'owned' her decision.
 It's inspiring to meet a silver sister who's been it through the physical and emotional changes of growing out her gray-- who has been through a true transformation and has clearly embraced the magnificent  outcome.....her light said it all.

It  encourages me to keep going.

The photo depicts the confidence she gave me the next day to go out into the world 'spray free'.
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