My motivation

My raw thoughts about my why?

By Maree Chavez - April 5, 2018

Well my journey is in motion and it started as my little experiment that nobody really had to know about.
My new little follicle friends were just barely seeing the light of day:)....just beginning to 'sprout'.   Now it's clear to me that my undercover idea is slowly becoming more obvious

It's been a few weeks and the white hair is just starting to frame my entire hairline and  paving a nice snowy road down my part. It's shocking to see when I look in the mirror in the morning but I am slowly programming myself to see beyond my CURRENT color chaos.

I either calmly wear my hair down to the gym or pull it back and pull out my trusted can of STYLE EDIT (a temporary hair color spray) and just spray those grays away.

To be really raw and honest...everyday I find myself having a new conversation with myself...second guessing, and reassessing. I truly feel that I am transitioning ...transforming....unleashing a huge part of my self identity that I can't quite grasp.

I do know that it's powerful and it's pulling me...guiding me. As I write this...I think..."C'mon Maree! It's just hair...get over's no big deal...just color it or don't!!" I am fully aware of the magnitude that I'm making of it......and this is the intriguing part to me....FOR ME it's more than just the "HAIR" portion of this journey. It's my identity on so many levels. Personally, professionally and soulfully.

I'm experiencing an unleashing of some sort and I'm writing as I go...I am motivated by the newness, the unknowingness, the vulnerability of my SELF and what this path holds...I'm curious, and for now, I choose to continue to look beyond.........
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