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When deciding what hair products to use, it's important to consider the basics, even when hair styling is your profession. Recently, I attended a class where the educator took us back to the basics which was so eye-opening for me. This was the first time I learned about FORM.
Each type of product, generally, has a particular outcome on the hair. Once you really understand this form-ula, you can purchase and use products more confidently.
The FORM is broken down into five categories: Prep, Foundation, Creams & Lotions and Textures and Finishing.
Prep is the step that’s most often skipped. Products include detanglers, heat or UV protectants or  leave-in conditioners. The ingredients can provide a nice veil of protection or moisture to your desired style, or fight off (or embrace) humidity.
Foundation products give structure to your hair. Even if you want a weightless shape, you still need a light foundation that will carry your hair through the day and beyond. Products include gels, foams, mousse, root boosts, and volumizers. These products give you a strong base that can last for days, some even have memory that will find it's way back to the original shape you created (sounds weird, but it's true).
Creams and Lotions are some of my favorites, as they’re usually lightweight and add softness. If you are one who doesn't like the 'feel' of products in your hair, then a lotion might be a good fit for you. The products add a light protection over your hair cuticle and give the hair a little slip, making blow-drying with a round brush a breeze.
Texture products include waxes, pomades,pastes,sugars, and powders. These are trendy and fun and a great way to change up your style for the day or to create different finishes on your hair(i.e., dirty, second-day hair, high shine, matte,piecey, beachy, gritty).
Finishing products include hairsprays, weatherproofing, and spray shines. These are your final touch!
The next time you’re in the mood to change your look or to add something new to your styling routine, start by asking yourself what look you want to achieve?Each look has a prep and finish with a bevy of choices in between. Remember, just because you’re in the mood for a change, doesn't mean you must cut off all of your hair. Reaching for a different product can be a simple solution. The beauty in this isyou have the option of changing your mind the next day.
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