Locks to Talk About - By Maree Chavez

I love this day in age where we can comfortably wear white after Labor Day, wear stripes with plaid, or boots with summer dresses. It's fun to have breakthroughs in fashion allowing us to freely express how we feel. Today it's not about age, season, or universal rules.

When it comes to gray hair, the old thought was there comes a time where we are just too old to color our hair. Fortunately, times have changed and we are neither too old, nor too young to cover our gray. Coloring gray hair doesn't have to be so black or white. There are lots of options allowing us to either buy time or soften time.

Buying Time
It's amazing how those little gray guys show up overnight and often choose to show up right around our hairline or in our front part. Some great options here include adding a few highlights right next to the grays. This technique adds dimension and blends and camouflages the gray. Another fun option is to ask your stylist for a translucent color that is several shades lighter than your natural color. This type of color won’t interfere with your natural color, but instead will add a little tone to your gray. The end result? Your gray hair will look like highlights and it will slowly fade in roughly six weeks…no maintenance required.

Softening Time
I remember learning about color in beauty school. I would grab a bottle and pray it would closely match my client's hair color. Today, there are beautiful choices of color and different effects. There are opaque colors that cover the gray 100%, or illuminating colors that take on the natural tone, blend the gray and create a beautiful dimensional effect. There are ammonia-free colors perfect for those with sensitive scalps and aging hair. There are demi-permanent colors that use a more gentle approach to gray coverage. A beautiful option for softening your look is to choose lighter colors that create shine, add dimension and grow out with a softer line, moving away from that solid color that creates defined, harsh lines when the gray starts to show.

Times have changed, hair color technology has drastically improved, and more choices are out there. It’s up to you to decide if and when it's time to start and stop coloring your hair. With that being said, a woman who has embraced her silver hair will always stop me dead in my tracks. It’s simply naturally stunning. Remember the next time you are sitting in the salon chair. You have choices when it comes to your hair color. It’s no longer just black or white.
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