Making Every Day a Special Occasion

I often catch myself scanning my closet thinking, “I'll save that piece for a special day.” Waiting for that perfect occasion can leave us with a closet full of extraordinary items left hanging. The same holds true with hair. We have a lot of reasons as to why we don't add a little special detail to our styling…not enough time, inspiration or know-how.

Let's take a closer look at the common challenges so we can make every day during this holiday season a special day.

Preparing hair the night before makes the morning routine a breeze. When we style hair at the salon, we always ask our clients to come in with day old hair. This creates a nice foundation for styling. Shampoo and condition your hair the night before and feel free to use a light gel, cream or lotion.

For shoulder length hair, pin it with barrettes or bobby-pins, concentrating on the crown area. You can even pull the top section of hair into a high ponytail. Then take the ends, bevel them under and pin them down. This creates unusual texture and lift at the root and crown area.

For longer hair, make one or several ponytails. Twist the hair and wind them around creating a bun. Pin them up and jump in bed.

In the morning, you'll either find that you have a really cool, sexy, natural looking wave that's good to go, or a crazy mess! You can work with either one.

New patterns, waves and texture are created using the setting technique above. It's healthy for our hair, giving it a break from the blowdryer and us a break from our daily routine. You might get away with touching it up a bit with a blowdryer or curling iron for a more put-together look, or just embrace the disheveled, unkempt look. Either way, it's new, different and special. You can wear it down that day and tomorrow it'll be in even better condition to wear up.

Know How
Now, your hair has been prepped and has some texture. The perfect recipe for a unique up-do. The key to an updo is taking one section at a time. Starting at the top, make one ponytail. Secure it at the top of your crown. Pull both sides up to meet the ponytail and secure another ponytail right on top of the first. Pull the nape area to touch the top ponytail and tie a separate pony to secure. Take the fly aways and place bobby pins on the tips of the ends and start pinning them down...going in all different directions while creating height and width.

It's the perfect time to dazzle up our days. It's contagious when we see others jazzing things up, so go ahead and try something new. Make every day a time to celebrate your unique style...why wait?
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