A Peek into a Hairstylist’s Bag – o - Tricks

Have you ever wondered why your hair always seems to turn out better when your stylist does it? Take a peek here into our bag-o-tricks to learn about some tips we use to make your hair look so good.

For volume: When blowdrying, start at the top and use a round brush. Once each section of hair is 100% dry and still hot, roll the hair around your fingers (pretending there is a roller there) and clip it up. Only do the crown area like this. Finish the rest of your hair. Then, when your hair has cooled down, remove the clips, spray with a dry hairspray at the roots, and, voila, Hello, Volume!

For a teased look: Instead of teasing with a comb, use a crimping iron underneath your hair, at the root where your part is, to create a lift.

For an easy updo for short hair: Choose your favorite elastic headband. Secure it with bobbypins on the sides then pick up the hair under the elastic and flip it over and through the elastic band. Don’t worry if some of the hair falls out, it’s OK.

For shine: Spray your favorite spray shine on to a Kobuki make-up brush (you can get one at Target for $6). Run the brush down the entire surface area of your hair to smooth out the frizzies and flyaways.

For fragile ends: If you can’t kick your curling iron habit, try using perm papers, folding lengthwise to protect your ends from the heat of your iron. Don't forget to use your thermal protectant spray.

For the perfect comb: Pick the right comb to back comb your hair. Use superfine teeth for fine hair and wide teeth for thick hair. For curly hair, just use your fingers like a pic.

For different curls: Use different irons to create different structure. For example, try using your flat iron as a curling iron. For a loose, beachy curl, twist the section you are about to curl first, then wind it around the curling iron in the opposite direction. Mist a bit of beach spray, tousle and go. We like to use a sea-kissed texturizer by Pureology®.

For gray hairs: You can apply colored hair powders with a brush for a soft, natural way to blend the gray around your hairline until you make it to your next color appointment. Find the perfect powder for you at Hair People. You can also use a colored hairspray to cover the gray at the part.

Maree Chavez is the owner of Hair People in Denver and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. She can be reached at 303-377-0304 or online at www.hairpeopledenver.com
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