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Tinsel Tousled

By Maree Chavez - May 3, 2018

I am an early riser. My routine has been- get up before my family, get dressed in the dark, throw my hair up in a top knot and go to the gym.

Now it's a little trickier--when I pull my hair back and tie it up that WHITE hair is NOT subtle and is quite shocking. So now my mornings require actually looking in the mirror;) and strategically putting my hair up...I pull a little fringe down to cover the drastic hair line and then I pull out my handy dandy SWEATPROOF style edit temporary color spray and spray a little throughout to blend.

My goal is to make life a little easier by not coloring, and yes, for the time being, this process requires a little planning and tricky technique...BUT, for me, there is a little 'silver lining' that motivates me to do a little extra temporary work.