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New Year. New Hair.

Reflecting on my journey

By Maree Chavez - January 13, 2021

It's been a minute since I have posted just got to the point where I had to just dig in and do it. Being home and being in quarantine forced/allowed me some time to just grow this hair out.

This past year has also given me the gift of time to get to know this being I now see in the mirror.

In 2021 I am getting this feeling that it's time to shift  gears. So far my instagram (@silverseeks) has been a visual diary of my journey..a few videos of me expressing my thoughts as I started on this path and some little tips along the way.

I am now ready to not only share my experience with other women who would like to explore this idea of taking a peek under their own colored hair, but also share some ways to manage this newfound color and texture.

I feel like my SILVER is an entirely new head of hair that I'm still getting to know.
I am playing around with all sorts of shampoos, conditioners, shines, sprays, clarifiers, supplements and styling techniques that I cannot wait to share !

Stay tuned as I want the year 2021 to be the year of education, information and silver linings!

Team Update For 2020

Find out what the team did in 2019 and their plans for 2020

Last year Jana was certified in several applications of hair extensions--so, this year she is inspired to share her expertise and passion on the many ways hair extensions can be a solution to a variety of hair challenges.

Cynthia has been traveling, taking a plethora of styling classes & working behind the scenes in establishing an ON LOCATION special occassion/ wedding hair and make-up business. Cynthia has been a Moroccan Oil educator for several years which means she is the first to know 'all things elegant'. If you, or someone you know, are planning a wedding or have a special event coming up, Cynthia has the calm energy, ethic and expertise to ease your mind and creatively lift your occasion :)

Windmere just celebrated her one year anniversary at Hair People and what a celebration it IS having her here. Her nickname is Mary Poppins because she has that affect on all of us. She is a treasure on all levels and has very quickly picked up on curly cutting and balayage techniques. She lights up with bold, beautiful and young fashion forward colors AND seems to have a natural gravitation toward mature clients with a young spirit:)

Shellie continues to be the queen bee of bobs and classic highlites--She has taken several classes on the newest techniques on balayage and curls---so the combination of her years of experience and her 'newfound' tools, gives her work a trademark unlike any other:)


Brittany bas tirelessly traveled, studied, practiced and lifted herself to a new level of CURLY specialist and has earned the official title of Level 3 Master Stylist through the Deva Curl Academy in New York City.

Her Curly cuts are proudly priced at $110 and her first time Curly cuts are $135. Congratulations Brittany!


Is now two years into growing out her silver hair ...which means the salon is attracting other women who are ready to begin their own transition. Maree empathetically consults with these clients during this very emotional journey. This summer she will be attending SILVERCON in Costa Mesa, California. Hmmmm what does one learn at a silver convention?? Maree will find out!

Last year Julia attended the Toni and Guy academy in Dallas, Texas. The combination of Toni and Guy cutting techniques and the Deva Curl Cutting method gives her a signature style of cutting that is as unique as she:) Julia continues to grace the salon with her home baked goodies and her ceaseless special touches make an appointment with her a heartfelt experience.

Joined our team during the holidays and boy did she just jump in with cheerful vigor!

She came with a beautiful background in hair and is now getting trained by all of the girls at the salon. She has a full schedule of education planned this year and we look forward to watching her grow!


What's YOUR BRIGHT side:)?

Honest thoughts on where I am today

By Maree Chavez - October 28, 2019

I feel that this journey has taught me a lot.
Mostly about getting comfortable with myself.
This journey started with my OWN intuition and that power from within is what gets me through each day. Some days are better than others and I'm just taking it one day at a time and always looking at/for the BRIGHT side of the experience.

To that one gal that needs it today.... "Hang in there" and every day keep looking for the bright side;)

Video found on instagram

Can't cut it.

everyone has their 'security blanket'

By Maree Chavez - May 30, 2019

At the age of 54, my security blanket, come to find out, is my long hair.
I can't seem to part with it;)
What I have learned about myself is that I am more comfortable growing out my gray hair than I am cutting the length of my hair.

"Why don't you just color the ends to match your gray?" you ask.
My hair has been bleached out 4 X's to lighten my original dark brown colored hair--so needless to say, the ends of my hair are pretty damaged.Instead of more bleach and color, I'm keeping my ends healthy with protein treatments and deep conditioners.

SOOOO, I am going with the 'grombre' look for now. Ideally, I should just cut it, but my vanity can only do one drastic change at a time.


Choosing make up

different looks for different moods

By Maree Chavez - April 19, 2019

Well...another month has gone by and it's given me more opportunity to get to know this silver haired girl I see in the mirror.

It's brought a couple of new things to my attention including make up choice. At first I thought I would have to find that perfect color that would go with my new hair color palette...but to my surprise, I have found that there is not ONE perfect's about different LOOKS.

It's been fun to take the time to experiement with one make up change at a time. Going more neutral feels really soft and subtle....almost dreamy.......whereas, a bold lip ignites more drama.

So far, if I go BOLD in the makeup I'll go more simple in dress..blocked colors and or solids.

Neutral make up?? Then I go with patterns, texture and color...perhaps more pop in jewelry too.

In this photo example, The nude lip was paired with a BOLD colored pearl necklace and a PLUM blouse with a jean jacket.

Today, I am wearing a solid black T with a really bright, bold fuschia lip.

SOOOOO the moral of this story for me is,,,try not to get stuck in the 'there's only one way' to compliment silver/gray hair with  make up. Bold/bright and neutral both have a place in this new look---it's about experimenting and taking time to get to know this silver spectrum:)