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Can't cut it.

everyone has their 'security blanket'

By Maree Chavez - May 30, 2019

At the age of 54, my security blanket, come to find out, is my long hair.
I can't seem to part with it;)
What I have learned about myself is that I am more comfortable growing out my gray hair than I am cutting the length of my hair.

"Why don't you just color the ends to match your gray?" you ask.
My hair has been bleached out 4 X's to lighten my original dark brown colored hair--so needless to say, the ends of my hair are pretty damaged.Instead of more bleach and color, I'm keeping my ends healthy with protein treatments and deep conditioners.

SOOOO, I am going with the 'grombre' look for now. Ideally, I should just cut it, but my vanity can only do one drastic change at a time.


Choosing make up

different looks for different moods

By Maree Chavez - April 19, 2019

Well...another month has gone by and it's given me more opportunity to get to know this silver haired girl I see in the mirror.

It's brought a couple of new things to my attention including make up choice. At first I thought I would have to find that perfect color that would go with my new hair color palette...but to my surprise, I have found that there is not ONE perfect's about different LOOKS.

It's been fun to take the time to experiement with one make up change at a time. Going more neutral feels really soft and subtle....almost dreamy.......whereas, a bold lip ignites more drama.

So far, if I go BOLD in the makeup I'll go more simple in dress..blocked colors and or solids.

Neutral make up?? Then I go with patterns, texture and color...perhaps more pop in jewelry too.

In this photo example, The nude lip was paired with a BOLD colored pearl necklace and a PLUM blouse with a jean jacket.

Today, I am wearing a solid black T with a really bright, bold fuschia lip.

SOOOOO the moral of this story for me is,,,try not to get stuck in the 'there's only one way' to compliment silver/gray hair with  make up. Bold/bright and neutral both have a place in this new look---it's about experimenting and taking time to get to know this silver spectrum:)

Temporary Titanium for Blending

April 17, 2019

A fun fix to blend in a "warm on top' top knot. Just spray in Joico's titanium colored spray to blend the old color on the ends with the new growth.

Growing with the Gray

Letting go...

By Maree Chavez - February 26, 2019

It's coming up on a year---and this is where I am.

Every day--I see and feel things differently.

I am still emotionally going through ups and downs.

Today a client walked in  the salon who hadn't seen me in over a year.
He said with the biggest smile...." Oh My God--you've aged!!!!!!!!" followed by "you look better than ever"!!!!!!!!!

That's it in a nutshell---sometimes I feel like I'm 100 years old and  sometimes I feel illuminated.

That's the status--I am taking it one day at a time and it's unveiling more about me than just the gray:)

I like the journey it's taking me on because it has forced me to look beyond and dig deeper into myself.


Confessions of a Brunette

By Maree Chavez - January 16, 2019

My name is Maree, and I have been hiding my natural hair color since I was 20.Looking back, I never thought much about it. It's what one does, especially since my parents are both hairdressers. It was just like brushing my teeth or shaving my legs. I colored my hair every three weeks. It was part of my life.I truly thought it was part of MY life forever. Until last April.

I was introduced to a book by Lorraine Massey called the Silver Hair, A Handbook. I was instantly drawn to it not because of the silver in the title, but because it was written by the same woman who wrote the Curly Girl, The Handbook. Her philosophy and message in Curly Girl is all about embracing one's natural curl. She shares stories, tips, quotes and anecdotes for particular curly girl challenges. Her book flies off the shelves at our salon because she dives into something much deeper than a spiral curl. I see women shifting into seeing things differently and, therefore, accepting things differently.

At first Silver Hair seemedunfathomable, but, as I dug deeper, I began to feel connected to her ideas: It's not about letting yourself go, it's about letting go. The seed was planted.

Someday, I thought, maybe I'll play around with that idea. Well, on April 15th last year, literally overnight, I decided to not pick up the color bottle and I began my journey. I'm over nine months color-free and it's been quite a trip. The gasps, the second glances, the curious looks, the inquisitive questions, the why-on-earth-would-you-do-that exclamations that were spoken  (and unspoken). It’s all played a part in the last year.

I feel like a penguin on her march. I'm not quite sure why I am being pulled, but, whatever it is, I am grateful because IT is what is keeping me grounded during this very emotional, spiritual, personal and vulnerable path that I am on.