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Going the gray rOUTe

My journey of letting my silver hair be free:)

By Maree Chavez - March 22, 2018

I have had a fun little secret  (only my salon circle has known) since high school. Under all of this thick, long, dark hair my honest  hair color is pretty darn white. Well, actually- I really don't know what KIND of white or HOW white it really is --I've never given it a fair chance. The moment I see a shimmer of silver peeking it's little follicle out...I have my color bottle in hand , ready to put it back under wraps! I It started out as a fun choice, since both my parents did hair, but now, 35+ years later- it doesn't feel like such a fun choice anymore.

I found myself coloring my hairline just about every week and a half since it was such an obvious difference in color. I would get up ridiculously early just to deal those pesky little white hairs around my hairline. My other tactic would be to use colored spray down my part and/or colored powder at my hairline just to get me through to the next permanent color process.

It has just been part of my life. Never in a trillion years would I think about doing anything else.............................................then one day I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought.......what if?

What if I stopped?
What if I tried something new?

My whole thought process changed over night (really weird).

My intuition said "why not?" this is the beginning of my journey. I'm not sure where my white hair will lead me, but I'm experiencing a strong pull to walk a new path.

So my journey begins..... & I'm goin' the gray rOUTe. (gulp).

***don't judge me if my next post is on April 1st and I say..."April Fools":)