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Want to know some tips to get a smoother blow dry?

First of all, let's start with your tools....and No, this isn't a sales pitch.

A quality blow dryer makes such a huge difference.  They are not as scorching and are much more gentle on the hair.  Why?  How?  New technology.

Tourmaline technology, for example, produces negative ions, allowing the hair to absorb moisture during the blow drying process -- leaves hair more conditioned and looking shinier.  Anything "ceramic" produces infrared heat, which leaves hair shinier and eliminates frizz. 



The right size makes a huge difference.  For example, if you want silky smooth hair with a slight bevel on the'll want to go with a JUMBO round brush.  Boar bristles are cool because you can get them to bend a little at the scalp, which means you can get the hair thoroughly dry.  (Hair left with a little moisture will shrink right back up and create frizz.)


Use lots of 'em...just focusing on ONE section at a time.  Pin up your hair in 1 1/2" sections starting at the top and leaving out just the nape area to begin.  Dry each section of the hair completely -- THEN take down the next section (takes patience, but it creates a beautiful blow dry that will last!)  The key is to dry hair thoroughly and finish each section by wrapping hair deliberately and smoothly around the brush, making sure the ends are smoothly wrapped AROUND the brush...use your cold shot button on the blow dryer to "set" the doing this you'll SMOOTH out your blow dry.  Then take out the brush SLOWLY and gently, and let the hair softly drop out.  You'll want to see a "ribbony" look.  DON'T TOUCH!  Just let it cool down as is.

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