About Brittany Struve


  • Building relationships & detailed consultations 
  • Remedy situations 
  • Expressive 
  • Level 3 Deva CERTIFIED stylist
  • Certified Deva Curl Coach
  • Love color / trying new things

A curious cat with an eye for reinventing any color. Focusing on the smallest of details, channeling my knowledge & inspirations of color. I am not shy when it comes to trying new things, I'm courageous! Finishing every look with a blow out that defies gravity. I'm inspired by bouncy curls & radiant colors.

Curly hair inspires me. It's the land of the unknown, and I feel like we are just now starting to understand. I am Deva advanced and I love to share what I can do for curls with every curly haired person. I rock a specialty curly cut, I love to transform the color with a burst of light or sprinkle of dark. I love all curls! 

The art of painting hair brings out my creative side. I am very much a visual person , when I have the opportunity to visualize then create beautiful hair I am at my happiest.  I understand how hair color works with all the different hair types from curly to straight. I am always up for any challenge! 

I love a good blow out, one can never have enough volume!!


Vici Aveda Institute, Bumble & Bumble Women's and Men's, and courses on achieving perfect blowouts. DevaCurl Advanced and Certified DevaCurl Curl Coach.


A true Wisconsinite recently relocated to Denver; working behind the chair has always been a dream of mine. I just want to create beautiful works of art and share them with the world.


  • Tuesday 9-7
  • Thursday 9-7
  • Friday 8-1